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Face Cupping Treatment

Face Rejuvenation
With Facial Cupping


This 30 minute treatment will increase local circulation to the skin, drain stagnant fluids to ease puffiness, and reduce muscular tension of facial muscles. Expression lines will ease and rigid muscles associated with TMJ will soften.

Lines, wrinkles and scar tissue will soften and sinus issues may be relieved.  This bare bones treatment will deliver results.  It is recommend that you come in with a clean face.

Each Silver Face Rejuvenation Treatment will bring vitality to your face and skin.  Use as a stand alone treatment or for best results, depending on individual, a series  of 6-12, with a treatment every 3-4 days is recommended along with a maintenance plan of 4 to 6 times a year.

Silver Treatment $75 
Package of six available $425


Benefits of the Face Rejuvenation Treatment

* Increased local circulation of the skin

* Increased nutrients brought to the epidermis

* Enhanced absorption of facial tropical’s 

* Drainage of stagnant fluids from face causing puffiness

* Reduced edema and chronic puffiness

* Scar tissue will soften from the negative pressure

* Improves overall health, skin quality, and underlying muscle tone

* Lifts, tones, re-educates facial muscles

* Eliminates fines lines

* Softens deeper wrinkles

* Stimulates growth of healthy collagen/elastin

* Improves blood/ lymph circulation

* Hydrates dry skin, balances oily skin

* Addresses skin problems (ex. rosacea, acne)

* Gives skin a dewy, radiant appearance

* Can provide some relief with facial paralysis due to a stroke, Parkinson’s, Bells Palsy

* Eases pain from headaches and migraines

* Helps to drain the sinuses and decreases sinus inflammation thus relieving the symptoms of sinus infections

* Provides a facelift to your cheeks, eyelids, and can aid with a sagging jaw-line

* Cost-effective; you’d spend much more on surgical or chemical alternatives

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