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COVID-19, What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe

You may be wondering, when will it be time again to get a massage or any bodywork? Whenever that time comes for you, we at Balance Within are prepared for you to come in.  We have strengthened our sanitation practices to promote a safe and professional experience for you. Massage and bodywork can certainly benefit people by helping to reduce pain, spasm, ease digestion and emotional distress in many instances. No one questions that relief from the emotional distress everyone is feeling now is greatly needed, or how the massage and bodywork does have beneficial effects on the nervous system, hormonal system, and arguably boost immune responses. 

For everyone's health and safety both client and therapist will be required to wear a mask.  All appointments are staggered to allow time in between each client to allow for a thorough cleaning and disinfection with EPA recommend products.  The treatment room has an air purifier with HEPA medical grade air filters to capture virus molecules including the SARS Covid-19.  The air is cleaned every 15 minutes through out the day. Please know we take this widespread epidemic very seriously.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to working together for your bodywork needs

As a massage therapist, it’s important for you and for me personally as well as professionally to help safeguard your health care practice. As you would expect we are doing our part to keep you safe by strengthening our sanitation policies and procedures, following the local and Commonwealth's requirements and recommendations. We are:

  •  Contacting for each guest for a Pre-Covid verbal health check.
  •  Enabled Contact less Check-in.
  • All staff and guests will be wearing masks through the entire session.
  • Temperature check-in.
  • Hand washing with touch-less soap dispenser
  • Utilizing a high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter in the treatment room.  (This air purifier with the medical-grade filters are tested to removed 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns which is smaller than the Covid-19 molecule)
  • Staff will be wearing a mask, face shield, gloves and a fresh change of clothes with every guest.
  • All high touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized through out the day.
  • Treatment room will be cleaned and sanitized between each guest.
  • Staff continues to observe proper hygiene and hand washing.

We at Balance Within are we are doing our best to help keep you as safe as possible during this time.  Although there are no guarantees anywhere, we will continue provide you with relief physically, mentally and emotionally from all the mounting stressors in a safe environment.







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