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Debra-Jean LeBrun, LMT, Master Aesthetician, Craniosacral Therapist,  

In the late 1990's Debra-Jean began her bodywork career. In 1998 she earned her aesthetics license in Massachusetts and subsequently graduated with a Certificate for Medical Aesthetics in 1999. Debra-Jean worked 10 years in a local plastic surgeon's office practicing customized and quality skin care along with specialized massage treatments.

Debra-Jean is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist with specialized training in Vacuum Therapy, Medicupping, Scar Release and Scar Release for Burn Survivors, Lymphatic Drainage and Balancing,  TMJ relief, Oncology Massage and Orthopedic Therapeutic Massage. Debra-Jean works with post-surgical healing to reduce the edema and minimize restrictions created by internal and external scar tissue, this includes mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Debra-Jean initially trained in Sports Massage, Myofacial Release and Polarity Therapy. She continues to broaden her education with a focus reducing soft tissue pain and increasing mobility and motion.  Debra-Jean's ability to listen to her clients and their tissues allows her to create individualized sessions to support her clients needs and concerns. 

Debra-Jean is a member of the ICTA, International Cupping Therapy Association, Ace Cupping, IAHP, and ASCP 

Please contract Debra-Jean with any questions at


Jennifer Hussey PTA LMT


 Associates Degree of Science with focus on Kinesiology and Anatomy
​ Current Massachusetts Physical Therapy Assistant license
​ Current Massachusetts Massage Therapy license
​ Reiki 2  & Magnified Healing Phase 1 Practitioner

 I practice therapeutic massage, physical therapy and energy healing to help lead people towards feeling their best. I truly   believe therapeutic massage and exercise can be an incredible natural, safe and side effect free alternative to medications.They can ease both chronic and acute pain, physical and emotional. I feel that the human mind and body must be functioning together to achieve effortless movement and pain free living.

Through massage, stretching, exercise and balancing your energy reserves, I work with people to aid in reducing and eliminating pain. I hope to bring awareness to the community on alternative treatments and allow you to become more intuitive of your own body.

My specialty is deep tissue massage and myofascial release work. I love treating neck and low back pain and chronic headaches. ( I love a challenge) I also have years of experience working with both geriatric populations and athletes and everyone in between.

I have been told my healing energy work sets me apart in assisting with releasing both physical and emotional pain during my massages as well as on its own. 

I look forward to meeting you!

My goal is to help others find their inner synergy!

Please fee free to contact me directly with any questions at 


Ashley McGonagle, Aesthetician

I was first drawn to the aesthetics industry by makeup. I enjoyed playing with my features but the real attraction was towards camouflaging my skin’s imperfections. Eventually I grew tired of constantly concealing my problem skin and decided to do something about it. This led to extensive research about how to correct my skin’s condition with the end goal being no makeup at all. I had no idea how much science was involved in skincare.

The more my skin improved the more I realized I needed to improve other areas of my life. I began looking for a career that was going to fulfill my persistent curiosity because on a soul level, I was lacking the constant stimulation that I crave. Then one day I had an epiphany, biology and beauty have always been my biggest interests, I need to become an aesthetician! This is an industry that satisfies my passion for knowledge as there is always something new to learn.

My goal is for you to feel happy and confident in your skin. I am committed to using results-oriented protocols to help you reach your skincare goals.



Charlie has just joined the staff at Face Rejuvenation and Healing Massage as of December 12, 2016.

Charlie is the Welcoming Committee.  He takes pride in being hypo-allergenic and greeting everyone. He strives to set a peaceful tone and help people feel at ease.  Charlie places a great importance and value in relaxation and leisure time. As in any family business he takes advantage of the boss. There are days when he does not show up for work, he never answers the phone and of course, when he does decide to come to work he can be found sleeping on the job and snoring away. 

Mr. Milo
Retired June 18, 2016

Mr. Milo

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I said farewell to my "Love Bug", my special friend and companion.

I will miss his sweetness and gentle spirit.  His love and devotion was a true gift.  I used to tell Milo that 'I prayed and prayed for a dog and God gave me you!"  He was a very special boy.  Milo taught me to take time out and "chill" ,  lay down on the grass and ground, eat when your hungry and sleep when your tired.  He also showed me how to be a better person, massage therapist and body worker.  He would hold class every night.....and first thing every morning.  

I would like to express my gratitude and thank all of you who would let Mr. Milo trespass on your massage, facial and bodywork session and snooze by my feet.  Sometimes I could hear him snoring during your treatment.  There were times that Milo worked with me and brought comfort and peace to those who needed it .  He would cuddle in your arms and let you cry on him.  He knew he had a job to do and did it with his sweet trusting and compassionate spirit.  

Milo was a very special dog and he will be missed greatly.  It broke my heart to say goodbye.  However it was time for him to retire and now he is resting.     

Until we meet again

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